called “OpenTX ompanion”. OpenTX Companion is not required to modify radio and model settings, as full functionality is available from the radio screen. Many users enjoy the large computer screen interface available through OpenTX Companion to more easily interface with the radio as well as run computer simulations of the setups. Dein RC-Modellbau Onlineshop und Fachhandel führt Zubehör für FPV-Racer, RC-Hubschrauber, Multikopter, Drohnen, Flugzeuge und RC-Equipment führender Hersteller.

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    OpenTX Companion allows you to manage almost all of your radio functions from your computer. That's when things really get interesting! It's the other half of this game changing experience, and has its...

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    Companion9X, which is a program that allows you to download OpenTx firmware from internet and flash it to your handset Fig. 5 USBasp from Hobbyking Before flashing the firmware it is a good idea to remove the TX module from your handset, even though we have protect it with the resistor in the mod. 12 Oct 2020: Template for e-soarers with 6 wing servos (Inside, Vixen etc) 04 Aug 2020: RadioMaster TX16S review [blog] 16 Apr 2020: OTXSIM: tool for testing and debugging; 08 Apr 2020: Wingy 4S: a template for 4-servo flying wings; 25 Feb 2020: Adjustable motor curves; 26 Nov 2019: Show It All, a widget for Horus and Jumper T16

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